Project Overview

The “Enabling Governance and Economic Transparency in Ghana using New Media” project is aimed at promoting transparency and accountability at the community level in Ghana focusing on local government health and education plans and budgets.  
The project aims to use web enabled tools, community radio, local communication centers  and SMS to track twenty two health and education indicators thereby driving greater governance and economic transparency at the community level within the framework of accountability in public spending.
This project will also serves as a public oversight system, set up to combine  SMS, community workshops, emails, website and leveraging community radio phone-in programmes to register, publicize and track public expenditure in the area of health and education at the community  level.

Thus the vision of the project is to provide an easy to use facility for citizens, media and civil society especially community based organizations to strengthen their public oversight responsibility over their respective local governments.
Currently, the “Enabling Governance and Economic Transparency in Ghana using New Media” project is being piloted in Kassena-Nankana East District (KNED) and Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District (AAKD).  The two districts were selected to provide a geographical and regional representation of the country in terms of the high poverty rate in the districts, their cosmopolitan setting, transiting from rural areas to urban districts thereby giving us room to monitor their progress.

Project Objectives
The project is conceived to overcome the challenges and problems affecting a citizen’s ability to hold public officials accountable for public expenditures they make on behalf of the people.

Specific objectives include:
i. To provide easy and accessible information on allocated budgets and development plans for communities
ii. To create citizens awareness on developmental issues in their community, and to question how public spending    for the community is utilised
iii. To engage public officials in ensuring health and education services are provided as budgeted for
iv. To enhance the capacity of the media to play effective watch dog role in the promotion of governance and accountability at the local level
v. To increase public awareness and encourage citizens’ participation in governance and economic accountability and transparency processes
vi. To provide relevant information and ICT tools for key stakeholders in the governance and economic accountability field for effective advocacy

Expected Outcomes/Impact:
« Public officials becoming more responsive to the needs of their community
« Improved linkages and networking among stakeholders
« Provision of tools for advocacy