31 Aug

Hon. Presiding Member, as the base on which the human resource pillar of the District rests, we need to re-strategize and direct our efforts at ensuring that it is given the needed support. Whiles we focus some level of attention towards the infrastructure! needs of most of our schools through the provision of classroom blocks, we need to embark on a vigorous campaign to check on the dwindling performance of our children especially at the basic level and to find the way forward to curbing the situation.

It is my deepest pleasure once again to perform this exceptional and mandatory duty during the 1st Ordinary Meeting of this Assembly for the year 2012. I deem it an honour to warmly welcome you all to the Session. Mindful of the commitment we owe to our electorates in particular and our people in general, it is my anticipation that we shall have a Session that will at the end yield fruits for the benefit of our communities.
Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Assembly members, Heads of Departments, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my wish in this address to keep you abreast of the development efforts of the Assembly which focus on education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Socio-economic Development Efforts. Maintenance of Security, other Government Interventions as well as those of Non Governmental Organizations that seek to enhance our development drive. Importantly, I will also highlight on the recommendations from the Executive Committee which require your endorsement before implementation.
Hon. Presiding Member, as the base on which the human resource pillar of the District rests, we need to re-strategize and direct our efforts at ensuring that it is given the needed support. Whiles we focus some level of attention towards the infrastructure! needs of most of our schools through the provision of classroom blocks, we need to embark on a vigorous campaign to check on the dwindling performance of our children especially at the basic level and to find the way forward to curbing the situation. The need for all stakeholders within our District to collaborate to effect changes in the system may be one possible way of addressing the situation. We cannot continue to pretend or form a deaf ear to the challenges facing most schools in teaching and learning when we gradually may be dooming the future of our future leaders.
In actualizing the desire of government to run a four year system for the Senior High School, plans are far advance for the construction of additional classroom blocks for the Awe, OLL,Notre Dame and Navrongo Senior High Schools to absorb the fourth batch of students in our Senior High Schools. Whiles government persue the better Ghana Agenda to support us, we need as a people to embrace the efforts of government and collaborate more effectively with co­operation. Let us be mindful of where we went to move our District to. For sure, we don’t want to be v/here v/e are. Let us therefore eschew political bickering, divisive and destructive tendencies and get more closer to one another in brotherliness, unity of purpose, show more love and through consultation we can always share and learn to move forward for the betterment of our people.
The government’s pro-poor policies in education are being implemented steadily. The Ghana School Feeding Programme, Capitation Grant, Free Exercise Books, etc are being enjoyed by Pupils in our District. In the not too distant future, the first batch of Free School Uniform received by the region will be distributed and our children will surely benefit.
Water And Sanitation
Hon. Presiding Member, let me assure Hon. Assembly members that, all government interventions in the provision of water and sanitation facilities to our communities will receive the required attention. The Community Water and Sanitation Agency is putting its bits and pieces together for the take off of the 30No. boreholes drilling project in our District as reported during our last Assembly Session last year November.
Hon. Presiding Member, having been selected as one (1) of three (3) Districts in the Upper East Region to benefit from the Construction of 15No. Boreholes under the Community-Based Rural Development Project, I have the pleasure to inform Honourable members that, procurement processes have been completed and the activities that lead to the drilling programme have taken off in the selected communities.
Hon. Presiding Member, the need to promote and strengthen our collaboration with development partners is. one surest way of meeting our development objectives. Some selected communities in the District benefited from the drilling of 5No. Boreholes under the support of the Calabash Foundation, a Dutch NGO. These include;
Akurugu Daboo Afontua.    
Akurugu Daboo Bokum.
Vunania Akadaribisi.
Vunania Ayogri-Yire
The drilling activity was supervised by the District Water and Sanitation Team (DWST). Still under the support of the Calabash Foundation, the Manyoro community has been provided with a mechanized Small Water System which was landed over to the community just yesterday.  All these projects were co-supported by the Assembly.
The need to also support owners of hand dug wells to protect these wells and have potable water supply is necessary. A collaborative effort between the Assembly and Rural Aid has yielded the provision of lOONo.Vlom hand pumps which are being fitted on hand dug wells.
Hon. Presiding Member, the challenges faced by the people of Navrongo in the supply of water is a deep worry to the government of the National Democratic Congress as steps are being taken to solve this problem through the use of the Tono dam. A feasibility study has already been carried out by a team from Hoi and which will lead to the use of the Tono Dam as a major source of water supply to Navrongo. Water they say is life, hence we shall not relent in our efforts at solving the water needs of the people to meet the objectives in the better Ghana Agenda. 
Hon. Presiding Member, you will agree with me that, the current upsurge of the H1N1 infection that is gradually getting out of hands requires the attention of all stakeholders. We need to widen our awareness scope, by helping our people to understand the basic preventive measures. The support of stakeholders in the health sector is very crucial in this fight.
Similarly, we need to caution our people on the CSM disease which I am told is now in different forms. People should be advised to avoid overcrowding in public places.
Hon. Presiding Member, we shall continue to beat the drums in our quest for attitudinal change to help curb the menace which will gradually destroy our future human resource base if care is not taken.
Lorry Station
Hon. Presiding Member, the re-organized Navrongo Lorry Park that seems to be completed after the gravelling still requires some further re-organization. It is our hope that, all works required will soon be carried out to enable the users enjoy the facility. The desire of the vegetable sellers to re-occupy some parts of the station is well noted. We shall however make an appeal that, the Navrongo Market Development Planning Committee under the Chairmanship of the Navro-Pio is making frantic efforts to see how our new market could be put to use and our traders provided with appropriate places to sell their wares.
As we sit to deliberate on issues that border on development, let us be mindful of our quest to ensure that, our efforts and energies are targeted at helping to meet the needs of the people we have vowed to serve.
Revenue Performance for the Year 2011
Hon. Presiding Member, out of an estimated Internally Generated Fund target of One Hundred and Forty-Six Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢146,750.00) for the year 2009, an amount of One Hundred and Twenty Thousand, Fifty-Seven Ghana Cedis, Fifty-Two Ghana Pesewas (GH¢L20,057.52) representing 80% of the budget estimate had been collected. The performance of the revenue various heads are as depicted in the table below.
Hon. Presiding Member, as Chairman of the Executive Committee, it is mandatory for me to present to this house, the recommendations of the Committee for your consideration and approval for implementation to meet the development goals we have set for ourselves. 
Fnance And Administration Sub-Committee 
Hon. Presiding Member, the following recommendations were made for the consideration of the house:
That all illegal occupants in government houses should be identified and ejected without delay and such houses allocated to other deserving workers.
That demand notices should be issued to all occupants of government bungalows especially those in the Charlets.
That interested private organizations and individuals should be encouraged to partner the Assembly to help in the collection of revenue.
That the relocation of the vegetable market is adversely affecting the collection of revenue. It was recommended that the vegetable traders should be relocated to the new market where revenue can easily be collected with little difficulty.
The Finance and Administration Sub-Committee should continue to embark on educational campaigns on the payment of rates and other taxes.
That the Assembly should organize some form of training for members of the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee to equip them with basic skills in Financial Management.
That the Assembly should take steps towards the revaluation of the buildings in the District since the current valuation list will expire by the end of the year. More importantly, new structures have sprung up within the District.
That the Assembly should take immediate steps to refurbish the Assembly’s Conference Hall by changing the curtains, painting, provision of new chairs, etc to give it a face lift.
That the toilet at the main lorry station should be worked on and put to use. 
That the activities of Fulani herdsmen pose some security threats to people of the areas where they are located. They suggested that all stakeholders should be brought on board to see how this thorny issue can be handled.
That the Assembly should fast-track the pulmugation of her bye-laws.      
That the Assembly should expedite action on the completion of the Lorry Station for immediate use. 
That the Assembly should take the necessary steps to ensure that land is acquired for development purposes. 
That the location of the Navrongo Business College and its impact on both students and the township leaves much to be desired. It was recommended that the school be re-located from the NACC block.
Works Sub-Committee
Hon. Presiding Member, the Works Sub-Committee of the Assembly carried out monitoring inspection of some on-going and completed projects in the District. Among some of the projects visited were the flooded schools projects at Gaani and Tampola, DWAP projects at Manyoro, Nyangua, St. John Boscos Primary School, DDF Projects at Nsgalikinia, St. John’s Integrated, the reha.biTit?xJ’on centre for the Disabled at Namolo and CBRDP project’s at Pinclaa and Akurugu-Daboo. The Committee recommended that-, the rehabilitation works going on at the Navrongo Lorry Station should be hastened to enable users occupy the facility.
The Committee also observed with grave concern the undue delays in the execution of the Nagalikinia Primary School construction projects and recommended that the Assembly call the Contractor to order and if possible abrogate the contract and repack it for re-award to ensure its timely completion.
Women And Children Sub-Committee  
Hon. Presiding Member, issues concerning women and children are very critical and must be tackled with the deserved attention. The Committee therefore ce.rne out with the following recommendations for the consideration of the general Assembly:
That the identified structure near the Tennis Court be renovated and used as an office for the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) for the District.
Considering the fact that, child labour is still an issue, the Committee recommends that child labour sensitization and community education be an on-going activity.
That efforts should be made to sensitize and educate Wadjie women on the moral and physical dangers associated with their involvement in the annual tomatoe business.
That with the forthcoming District level elections, efforts should be made to sensitize women on the need to participate in local government.
That efforts should be made to get CSM vaccination to cover all schools.
Social services Sub-Committee
Hon. Presiding Member, the Social Services Sub-Committee looked at issues that border or. water1, sanitation, health, education, etc. The following recommendations were made for the consideration of the house:
That the District Assembly should repair the septic tank to the toilet at the Lorry Station and privatize its usage to serve the public better. Or
That the Assembly should value the repair works and allow a private individual to carry out the repairs and then operate and transfer back to the Assembly.
That the toilet at Zongo should be privatized to save it from misuse. 
That the District Assembly collaborate with the Hon. Member of Parliament to help solve the water problemof residents of the

Rural Housing area.
That efforts should be made by the Assembly to see if the community police could be stationed at the various CHPS centres to provide security at the facilities. There should be a collaborative effort between the Assembly, Police and National Youth Employment Programme to use the Community Protection Police.
On the falling standards of educational performance at the basic level in the District, it was intimated that the Balobia and St. Mary’s JHS score zero percent at the BECE exams. The Committee recommends that, the District Directorate of education should ensure that recalcitrant, truant, etc teachers be sanctioned or better still reshuffled eg the Balobia Junior High School in order to protect otherwise potential future leaders from falling off the educational system.

Hon. Presiding Member, the general security situation in the District is stable. There were however some reputed cases of ejection threats to some individuals in some communities which had the tendency of disturbing the peace being enjoyed. The District Security Committee, the Police as well as the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice are handling these cases to see how they could be resolved amicably for peace and harmony to prevail in these communities.  Let me appeal to Hon. Assembly members to try to be vigilant and report any situation within their electoral areas that have the 
Justice And Security Sub-Committee
Hon. Presiding Member, the Justice and Security Sub-Committee recommendations were that;
Public education should be intensified on the misuse of motorbikes in the District.
The leadership of the GPRTU be appealed to on the way some drivers charge exorbitant fares especially in the evening from Bolgtanga to Navrongo.
All private or secondary fuel dealers in the District should be legally registered with the Assembly and given accreditation to operate.
The Sub-committee noticed that the general security situation in the District is encouraging.  However it is the responsibility of all citizenry to ensure that we continue to live together and show love towards one another for peace to prevail.
Economic Development Planning Sub-Committee
Hon. Presiding Member, considering the development issues that confront  us as a people, the Sub-Committee charged with the reasonability of looking into these issues and coming out with strategies to help solve them have recommended that, the usage of the new Navrongo Market is long overdue hence, efforts should be made by the Assembly to;
Open all access routes to and from the new market.
Provide basic utility services such as electricity and water to the market.
Gravel the new market area and also provide a good drainage system.
It was also recommended that, a kraal be constructed at the new market in order to relocate the cattle market (animals market).
The committee was also of the view that, the operation of the new market will aid the decongestion of the streets.
Fulani Herdsmen
The negative impact of some of the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen leaves much to be desired.   Identified / stakeholders will be brought on board to find possible ways of dealing with their nefarious activities.
Fuel Smuggling
Hon. Presiding Member, some few months back, Navrongo was on the news with cases of fuel smuggling being on the increase. This of course was not pleasant news. The District Security Committee redoubled its efforts in the monitoring of the activities of fuel dealers to bring the situation under control.
Let me say that the fight on fuel smuggling is still on and requires the support of all patriotic citizens. Whiles we await the actual production of oil in Ghana, we need to take steps to ensure that, this gift of God is not malhandled. You and I have a responsibility to ensure that our people benefit from the resources that will accrue from the oil.
Hon. Presiding Member, challenges are always on our way but our ability to overcome these challenges will let the people feel the impact of our efforts. As we gather to deliberate on these issues that are targeted at meeting the needs of our people, let us be mindful of our desire to serve and not to be served. Let us discuss these issues dispassionately devoid of our individual interest as well as our political leaning. You and I sharing an idea that will ultimately go to solve the problem of the miserable person or a less endowed community is what will judge our conduct and conscience as leaders and duty bearers. Whiles being mindful of differences we may have as a people, let us not allow our differences to absolutely control the good intentions we have for our people.
Hon. Assembly members, as I thank you for your audience and influencing support, it is my hope that we can pool our efforts and energies together to serve our people more positively.  It is my anticipation that, the issues raised will be discussed dispassionately and endorsed by you for the benefit of the people of the District.
Thank you for your attention and may God bless us all.


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