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06 August

The Kassena Nankana District has held its final People’s Assembly under this budget year, where questions and concerns bordering on the delay in the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), workers’ salaries, expansion of the School Feeding Programme and the district assembly’s expenditure were raised.

Amidst frequent boos and cheers, the District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Emmanuel Andema, appealed to the youth of the district not to allow themselves to be used by individuals to cause disturbance in the area, especially as the political tension in the country gradually heightens.

According to him, the assembly was working hard to create an enabling atmosphere to boost businesses and other economic activities in the area, and asked his people to take advantage of the situation to either grow their businesses or start new ones.

Touching on employment, Mr. Andema announced that some efforts had been made to sustain the jobs of a total of 594 youth in the area who were employed under the NYEP.

"Though there have been some problems associated with the implementation of the programme especially in the area of salaries, the programme has undoubtedly eased the burden on some parents and guardians. I pray that as it grows, these issues will be addressed."

The assembly, the DCE intimated, had been improving on its internally generated revenue year by year and by the close of 2011, the assembly had collected GH¢157,176.68, which was above the annual target of GH¢143,880.00.
He explained that a larger portion of the generated amount had gone into infrastructural development and sponsorship of students from the area.

This was corroborated by the assembly’s official list which indicated that a total of 168 teacher trainees were receiving some financial support from the assembly.

Last year, 117 sponsored teacher trainees who completed their programmes were posted to some deprived areas of the district to fill in the vacancies.

Some other students, including four medical students, 38 needy students and 101 children with disabilities had also received some assistance to pursue their educational goals, all at the cost of GH¢57,012.00.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Kassena-Nankana Mutual Health Insurance has registered only 59,205 people, representing 34.84 per cent, which is far below the 50 per cent nationwide target for 2011.

The Scheme, which is among the few suffering ones in the country, collected a total premium of GH¢2O2,312.00 and paid out GH¢715,690.00 as cost for treatment of subscribers.

The DCE, reiterated the need for all parts of the region to be peaceful to pave way for development and growth.

29 Oct

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