News » Eight pregnant girls refuse to write BECE examination in KND

10 May

Ten girls in the final year of junior High School (JHS) in the Kassena Nankana East District (KND) who were due to write the last BECE in April were pregnant; eight absented themselves while two actively took part. Four boys also did not write the exams for no important reason.

A total number of 1,813 students took part in the examination in five centres in the District.

Mr. Severio K. Dery, District Director of Education, KND, in an interview with AEP said the examination went on well and it was the expectation of the Directorate that the students would perform well.

He regretted that some of the students were not serious in school and parents were not helping to ensure that they went to school regularly. “Some of the parents are very difficult, they don’t want their children to be disciplined and they are not interested in joining the Parents Teacher Associations (PTA) that will enable them interact with teachers and get to know what is really happening with their children and what they can do about that”, he added.

He said more needed to be done to ensure effective teaching and learning in schools and the Education Directorate was strengthening the supervision and monitoring of teachers.

Assemble Man's View
Mr. Samuel Ajondam Demarah, Assemblyman for Pungo North, KND, commenting on the issue of girls getting pregnant while in school and boys refusing to write the final exams, blamed poor parental care for children’s lack of interest in education, saying, “They are free to go out for dances and to watch all sorts of things at video shows at night, at the expense of studies so it is not surprising that some of the girls got pregnant”.

The District Assembly
The Assembly, on its part had started with some measures to address the falling standard of education in the district, Mr. Emmanuel Andema, District Chief Executive, said. “We were rather alarmed to see that for the past three years, the students have been performing far below average and so for this year we are hoping the results would be better due to the preparations we made”, he added.

Apart from the directive to withhold salaries of non-performing teachers, the assembly together with the schools organized weekend classes for the exam candidates to prepare them well for the exams.

The Assembly also connected most of the schools to electricity or solar power to enable the students study at night and also learn ICT, the DCE said.

29 Oct

I think that is weird. I think if people don't do well in scoohl then I guess they should stay in high scoohl but its not fair that people are always stressing out because even if they did do something wrong or not as good as others they don't get to go to collage. why oh why!

By: Kitoo

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