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Parent Teacher Relationship in Pute, Ada District Assembly

By noahdamehblog
Pute is a community along the coast of Ada. The community has a basic school but the school faces many challenges. Notable among them are infrastructure, teaching and learning materials and classroom desks.

“My name is Joseph Kwame Adams. I am the head teacher for the Presbyterian Primary for Pute. I am very grateful to Pute Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.). I must say they are very supportive. The P.T.A has contributed to provide the school with forty dual desks.

Pute provided twenty, Totope community gave us ten pieces and Aminapa parents also donated ten. At the time, the junior High school did not have any so we gave it to the J.H.S to use, so we are still in need of more. The staff is also grateful to the entire communities within the school's catchment area for helping us to get computers for I.C.T lessons.

We have converted the head teacher's office to serve as an I.C.T center. Unfortunately the desktop computers the parents contributed to buy, thieves broke into the room and they have stolen all. We have resolved to buy laptop computers so we could pack them home and bring them back when we need them.

Parents of the 2011-2012 batch has also contributed to build a two classroom structure for the J.H.S. Mr. Adams complained about the bad state of their school building. The walls have developed cracks.

In December 2015, the Ada East District Assembly provided Hexagonal tables and chairs for some schools in the District and Pute also received some. Mr Adams is calling on the Assembly and individuals to assist the school.”

Noah Dameh/ Ada Foah

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