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Follow-up on the construction of Gumani Drainage system & interaction with residents

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Works on the Gumani drainage system is progressing steadily. The one thousand meters long concrete wall and floor concrete is about 46 percent complete. The project foreman, Samuel Boakye, in an interview disclosed that the project was scheduled for completion in December, 2015. However, floods have slowed down the project, causing the project to be rescheduled to March 2016. He appealed to people living along the drain to stop defecating into the gutter as it affects their work.

A follow up interaction with the residents revealed the following:

Regarding the construction of the drainage, some residents of the area said that they were not consulted before the commencement of the project. They are now appealing to the assembly to involve them in similar projects. This, according to them, will give them the required voice in order to ensure that the right thing is done.

Some of the residents expressed concern about open defecation in the area although the assembly has supported some households to build their own toilets.

The visit to the area also proved that work on twenty public toilets, initiated by the assembly, has halted. To this regard, residents are appealed to the assembly to continue work on the toilets so as to prevent open defecation in area.

Another realization during the visit is the absence of refuse collection system in the area. As a result some residents throw their refuse at any open space, creating pockets of unsightly refuse dumps in the area.

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