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About Penplusbytes

penplusbytes logoEstablished in 2001, Penplusbytes is a leading organization in Africa working in 3 areas: governance and accountability; new media and innovations; as well as oil, gas and mining.  Over its 14 years of operations, Penplusbytes has implemented varied projects across Africa. It also has the expertise of ensuring a people-centered technology approach in all its projects including in-house technology solutions development.


Penplusbytes consists of a network of media organizations and journalists interested in using ICTs to fectively advance high quality journalism. The organisation has trained hundreds of journalists and civil society actors from various parts of Africa and across the globe in cutting edge new media technologies, governance and accountability and extractives sector.


We have vast experience in managing quality, effective and extensive linkages with Community Based Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, Parliament and Government Institutions at national, district and local levels in Africa. We have also partnered key media organisations and provided training for citizen journalists as well as media houses in the use of cutting edge ICT tools to enhance their work and using the tools to holding elected officials accountable and sensitizing citizens on their rights at both national and district levels.