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Twifo/Atti-Morkwa District Assembly In Focus

[By Abu Ibrahim Azabre] It is always my desire to contribute to the development of local communities in Ghana and Africa through whatever capacity I could. In this write-up I focused my attention on the Twifo/Atti-Morkwa District, it physical features and potentials. This write-up is based on my personal observation haven stay and worked in the district for at least two years now. I also did some few secondary data analysis and through interviews to get correct data.

The Twifo Atti-Morkwa District Assembly (TAMDA) was formerly known as the Twifo/Hemang/Lower Denkyira District with its capital at Twifo Praso, BUT in 2012, the government of Ghana created new districts and so it was split into two namely; Twifo/Atti-Morkwa District and Twifo/Hemang Lower Denkyira District. The old name was given to the new district and the new name TAMD was given to the old one which is one of the twenty administrative districts in the central region of Ghana. The district is bounded on the north by the Upper Denkyira East Municipal at the South by the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District, at the West by the MpohorWassa East District and at the East by the Assin North Municipal and Assin South District.

The 2010 Population and Housing Census (2010 PHC) has estimated total population of the district to be 61,743 representing 2.9 percent of the population of the Central Region, out of which females constituted 51.0% which outnumber males 49.0% in the district (GSS, 2010).

I have observed that the landscape is undulating and the altitude is between 60-200 meters above sea level. Water table in the District is high, so there is not shortage os water in any part of the District. There is Pra River and its tributaries which serve as the major drainage system.

In terms of climate, the District is found within the semi equatorial climatic zone marked by double maximal rainfall. It is generally observed that the total annual mean rainfall is between 1,200mm and 2,000mm, with two rainy seasons. The first rainy season spans from March to June with the heaviest in June while the second rainy season is from September to November. The main dry season is from November to February. Temperature is found be fairly high uniform and ranges between 26°C and 30°C.

The vegetation of the District basically consists of secondary forest that has been largely disturbed by the activities of man through logging, crop/livestock farming and mining among others. The Pra River contans Birimian and Tarkwaian rocks . These rocks hold the potential for the exploitation of gold, and manganese. The bed of the River Pra has alluvial gold deposits which are currently being mined illegally by local galamsey operators to the detriment of rural communities who drink from the river.

According to secondary sources, the District has four main soil types namely; the Nsaba-Swedru Compound, the Nsuta-Offin Associates, the Asuanzi-Kumasi Associates, the Bekwai-Nzema-Oda compound. The Nsaba-Swedru Compound: These are soils developed over granite that are well drained and respond well to phosphorus fertilizer application. These soils support the cultivation of tree crops such as cocoa, oil palm, citrus, and coffee, and food crops such as plantain, cocoyam, banana, and cassava, dry season vegetables, sugar cane, and rice.

So many schools both public and private from Basic to Tertiary exist to provide a wonderful educational experience for the citizens and residents in general. Popular among the schools in the District include the Twifo Praso Senior High School (GREAT TWIPASS) and the Nursing and Mid-Wifery Training College (NMTC) which attracts students from across Ghana into the District

Akans form the majority amongst the ethnic groups in the district. The indigenes are Twifo and Atti-Morkwa who are Akans that speak Twi/Fante. Other migrants ethnic groups include Ewes, Krobos, Ga-Dangmes, and some Northern tribes, Some of the languages spoken in the District are Twi, Fante, Ewe, Akuapim and Ga-Dangme. The district is dominated by Christians (85.2%) (Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal/Charismatic and other Christians) followed by Islam (7.9%), and the least (0.3%) was Traditionalist (GSS, 2010).

The District has Six (6) cellular phone networks which operate in the District. These are MTN, Tigo, Airtel, Glo, Expresso and Vodafone. Four service providers namely; Tigo, MTN, Vodafone and Aitel are in to the mobile money transfer.

The District is highly an economic zone with periodic and daily markets. Cocoa sheds sprang across the entire district to provide a purchasing and storage centres for the marketing of cocoa. There is a bridge over River Pra which offers dual purpose, all-weather access in respect of road and rail transport even though the rails transport dysfunctional. There many Guest Houses which offer accommodation to travelers. Fuel filling stations exist to provide fuel to transport operators, hence facilitating the flow of goods and services. There are many sawmills/wood processing centre, palm oils mills and other agri-processing centres. The District has banks and other micro-finance institutions including GN Bank, Ecobank Ltd GCB, Twifo Rural Banks Limited and many others including credit unions.

The main agricultural activities include cocoa farming, oil-palm, plantain, banana, maize, cassava, garden eggs, okro, pepper, cocoyam, and other food crops.

The TAMD is a good place for investment and for any other person desiring a peaceful and wonderful place to live and work. In the next article I will focus on the investment potentials and why it is a place for investors and business institution.

Writer’s email/contact: / 0240393109
The writer is a Community Development Practitioner and Advocate

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