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  • Gravatar for kwasi Nsia

    well-done for this great ideas. Its going to improve our society

    Posted by kwasi Nsia

  • Gravatar for NICHOLAS BUER

    Local Governance
    Our Local Governance structures are not fully developed in terms of revenue generation and development of catchment areas. Like we have in the UK (Boroughs) which have a mandate to make sure that total development occurs in the catchment areas. They also make sure that regular maintenance are carried out on Government facilities like roads ,market centers , bus terminals /stops etc. and even ensure that private facilities which need serious maintenance are maintain to avoid eventual catastrophe .
    Our Structure is good i.e. MCE, Assembly wo/men Assembly Members, and MPs. The Assembly wo/men can play a very critical role in the day to day field reporting of areas within their jurisdiction and the MCA will take it from there. This must be done effectively by giving the assembly wo/man an office and the necessary allowances/logistics .When this is done effectively we shall see decent communities. Town and Country Planning should be up and doing .The Sanitation Department should also make sure that all refuse in communities collected as scheduled. The communities are kept clean and swept well where necessary. ‘Free’ dust bins should be distributed to every household in Ghana and the cost added smartly to electricity/water bills. In the future the monthly refuse bills should be factored in the electricity/water bills so that every bin can be emptied. Our construction vehicles which spill concrete, gravels on our roads should also be made to clear them so as to protect our roads.

    Financing of Municipal Activities (IGF)
    There are numerous financing sources available to the Municipal Assemblies which when done effectively will make them independent of the Central Government Support. For example property rate, space occupancy rates, tolls, penalties (stopping in the middle of the road, wrong parking etc) etc.
    There are still house owners who don’t pay property rates in some of our Municipalities. I recommend that all property owners must be made to register with the MDAs so that they can have a record that will assist them to collect the rates .A 3 month grace period should be given to pay these rates after January. Sanctions should be applied to those who don’t pay these rates. For those renting their apartments or houses, they could be made to pay one month rent as the property rate. Every land occupied or not developed should be made to pay something. This is why the registration of lands should be made so smooth to enable all lands registered for this purposes.
    MDAs can also generate so much revenue from Permit Issuance. There are some MDAs that do not issue these permits on time thereby locking up funds. Permit issuances should not take more than one month but you go the MDAs and some drawings have gathered dust (not worked). If for some reason they lack the personnel, they can contract the retirees on part time basis

    Posted by NICHOLAS BUER

  • Gravatar for Isaac Kobla

    I thank you for this platform. so that our voice will be heard any where we are.

    Posted by Isaac Kobla

  • Gravatar for Mustapha M. Yeboah

    First of all, I must say thank you very much for this platform, and my only problem is that why can we have your contact to be part of this platform?.

    In Techiman, Brong Ahafo a lot people are building in around River Tano basin of which quick attention to stop it in other to reduce the treat of killing the River.

    Posted by Mustapha M. Yeboah

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Posts From SMS

  • Thanks for the platform and we hope to be seeing you more in the community. sanitation has been a worry to us and the earlier something is done about it #ASHMA

  • Thanks for the platform and we hope to be seeing you more in the community. sanitation has been a worry to us and the earlier something is done about it #ASHMA

  • please when are we going to have another citizens engagement forum #ASHMA

  • Great platform. How do we get regular feedback when we track the issues you will discuss #ASHMA

  • Great platform. How do we get regular feedback when we track the issues you will discuss #ASHMA

  • Thank you for the platform. It’s a very good project. I think involving citizen’s participation will help remove gap in government decision process #ASHMA

  • I like the platform for showing what is going on in Ashaiman #ASHMA

  • Thanks for sharing this platform with us. Can u come and deploy tools in Ashanti region too?

  • why are you not monitoring my district?

  • I like this initiative. I can now track health developments in Ashaiman. I am particularly concerned about health in Ashaiman because I'm from there and I work in health. #Ashaiman

  • It will be nice if the MCE will have regular engagement with us to know more about what he is doing. Good idea though #ASHMA

  • I think this is even a gud platform to highlight the concerns of our respective areas #ASHMA

  • Thank you for the platform. It will help us air our views on the development of the community. #ASHMA

  • Which projects will Ashaiman Municipal Assembly use the newly released DACF to support? #ASHMA

  • when will Tamale Metro be captured in the free uniform program #Tamale

  • The Ashaiman-Lebanon road is in a deplorable state. I think this town road should be made durable enough to last and worth the amount being invested unto it. #ASHMA

  • Kudos to government for addressing the needs of my area #ASHMA

  • I believe the government should give more money for sanitation sectors. #ASHMA

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