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    Posted by Christiana, 16/04/2017 12:38am (9 months ago)

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    Posted by Luck, 15/04/2017 4:03am (9 months ago)

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    Posted by Jalen, 28/03/2017 7:57am (10 months ago)

  • I haven&#8217;t tried Holy Chuck ye0t;823&#.but Burger&#8217;s Priest is so clearly a carbon-copy ripoff of (the wonderful) SHAKE SHACK in NYC that they ought to be ashamed of themselves.If you&#8217;re going to open a restaurant, why not contribute something original and creative yourself, rathaner than just try to copy something successful from antoher city? Did they not think anyone from Toronto travels, and would notice?

    Posted by Voncile, 13/05/2016 4:06pm (2 years ago)

  • This is the audio of the launch of the 'Grassroots Open Government Using New Digital Tools' in ANGONYA in the Ada East District. Speaking in english is Mr. Jerry Sam, the Program Manager of Penplusbytes, and translating is Mr. Odoi Julius of Radio Ada.

    Posted by Francisca Darfour, 20/10/2015 3:04am (2 years ago)

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