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  • Gravatar for Mustapha M. Yeboah

    First of all, I must say thank you very much for this platform, and my only problem is that why can we have your contact to be part of this platform?.

    In Techiman, Brong Ahafo a lot people are building in around River Tano basin of which quick attention to stop it in other to reduce the treat of killing the River.

    Posted by Mustapha M. Yeboah, 09/09/2015 6:22am (3 years ago)

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  • Thanks for sharing this platform with us. Can u come and deploy tools in Ashanti region too?

  • why are you not monitoring my district?

  • I like this initiative. I can now track health developments in Tamale. I am particularly concerned about health in Tamale because I'm from there and I work in health. #tamale

  • The Kpanvo school on the website is not located at where you say it is. what is there are two that are sponsored by ActionAid and some Islamic schools. None though is a kindergarten. could you please verify on that? #Ada

  • I think this is even a gud platform to highlight the concerns of our respective areas #Tamale

  • Thank you for the platform. It will help us air our views on the development of the metro. #Ada

  • Which projects will Ada East use the newly released DACF to support? #Ada

  • when will Tamale Metro be captured in the free uniform program #Tamale

  • the Ada-Kasseh road under construction has no gutter. I think this town road should be made durable enough to last and worth the amount being invested unto it. #Ada

  • Kudos to government for addressing the needs of my area #tamale

  • I believe the government should give more money for sanitation sectors. #Ada

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